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Consultant Dermatologist & Cosmetic Surgeon
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Not many people know that phototherapy in dermatology can have significant benefits for patients. Here are a few benefits of using phototherapy in dermatology to treat patients:

  • Patients can use the phototherapy in dermatology treatment anytime they want as the process is easy to do. You can just as easily attend or get in touch with the outpatient department of a hospital to get your treatment done.

  • The phototherapy in dermatology treatments can decrease the turnover of skin cells resulting in better skin that has far fewer dead skin cells on the surface. Please make sure that you check your skin regularly to prevent skin burns and other malignant changes.

  • There are many combinations of phototherapy in dermatology that you can use to control your skin condition. You can also opt for PUVA therapy that will help you deal with the problem.

  • There is a problem that some people will have with the phototherapy in dermatology. For such people, there is a rebound problem with the condition that will increase the skin peeling.
    You can do the treatment alone or combine it with treatments that soothe your skin. Please note that you can do this phototherapy in dermatology treatments from anywhere.
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